Saturday, February 28, 2009

Look Alike

A lot of people ask....Does Grayson look like Taylor? Well, yes and no. There are definitely times where we think, "Wow! That was a Taylor look!" But plenty of times where we think he just looks like his own little person. Regardless of who he looks like, he's a whole lotta cute! So here are a few pics for those of you who are curious.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Grayson Jack.....Week 3

I can't believe it has already been 3 weeks since Grayson was born! My my, it is already going by so fast! We are convinced God sent us a little angel for a baby! He sleeps so well...4-6 hours at night and one night slept 7 hours! Such a sweet content little boy. Taylor has been adjusting so well and absolutely adores Grayson. He wants to be with him, play with him, talk to him, lay with is so very sweet. It is so neat to see the close bond they already have in only 3 short weeks! These boys are something else....I love them to pieces. I am a little outnumbered by testosterone in my house now, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. A house full of boys is something so sweet. :-)

Check out the flare of the nostrils....he does that often. :-)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Full of Joy.....Full of Smiles

Grayson has been smiling so much!! It is so fun to watch. We all stop to watch him every time....even Big Bro Taylor. :-) He is such a peaceful content baby and we love him so much! We decided to follow him with the camera to get pictures of these precious sweet!

Seriously Mom, could you get the camera out of my face please.

Sweet Sleep

Having 2 boys around, I am guessing the "quiet" times in the house will be few....unless of course it is during nap time with Daddy! Daddy and Grayson have sweet nap times on the weekends and this time Taylor decided to join them. It was a quiet morning around here. :-)

Cowboy Kings

Papa popped in this week while I was taking pics of our little cowboys, Taylor and Grayson. Since Papa has a similar hat, we took advantage of the photo op. :-) So here you have it....The Cowboy Kings!

Brothers Devotionals

Taylor told me one day this week he needed to read Grayson his bible. I thought, how sweet....they already have their own devotional time together.! :-) Grayson was a great listener and Taylor was a very good teacher. They are a match made in heaven. Sweet boys!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our Little Love Bugs

We had a fun little Valentines Day shoot yesterday....the first of many "brothers moments" in front of the camera I'm sure! :-) Hope you had a love-filled day!

His second chin is starting to grow....sooo cute!!
Papa and Grayson in their Valentine shirts.

Grayson Jack......week 2

Week 2 is already here! This week Grayson got his first bath, gave us lots of sweet smiles, and wrapped around our hearts even more. We are enjoying him so much and are so blessed by our boys! He has been given the name "Little Bubba" by Taylor and the bond they already have is so sweet. He is growing fast just like Taylor. He is already over 8 lbs. :-) Big boys!!

He was NOT a fan of his bath!

Grayson's First Week Home

I can't believe its already been a week and a half since we brought this little guy home! He has been such a joy to us and such a blessing. He is eating and sleeping sooooo good...he goes 4-5 hours at night already! We are grateful! He is such a content baby and has such a sweetness about him. We love him dearly! A house full of boys....what a joy! Here are some pics of his first week at home. He's definitely a keeper. :-)

Big Sneezes
What Up Homies!