Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Canadians came to see me!

Yep! Daddies cousin and her little baby Addie came and stayed with us for a few days around July 4th. It was so fun to have a baby around. I loved Addie....and loved her toys as much as she did! It was a fun visit. They live in Canada, but hopefully I'll get to seem them again soon. Howdy to the Canadians!
Sweet kisses for Addie.

Emma loving on Baby Addie.

I'm still here.......just a little behind on things :-)

So this last month has been full of business and fun things. We have moved and settled into our new house. It is so nice to have space! We are really enjoying it. I'll try to get mommy to take a picture of my new room for all you curious mommies. :-) So I'm back to the blogging world...I'll try my best to update you on the latest events in our lives. There has been lots!

I was having an impromptu story time with my "bear-bear's". They were very obedient and listened very well to me! :-)

Mr. Taylor is done teaching for the day. Stay tuned for more from Taylor's Storytime.