Friday, August 8, 2008

Monday, August 4, 2008

Worshipping......Take 1.....Alabaster Jar

So I love to worship.....all the time...anywhere. I love music...I love to dance...I love to sing...I just love it all! When mommy tells me to pick a toy when we run errands, normally the toy of choice is my microphone. :-) As I was singing a random melody of songs today, mommy caught me on camera. I don't prefer kid CD's, Veggie Tales, or Boz when it comes to music. I always ask to listen to Hillsong, Gateway, Jeremy Camp or Kari Jobe. Those are the ones that really know how to worship. :-) So here I am in my 3 year old skin singing some good ole worship songs. Since I have no videos of myself on this here blog, I thought this was a perfect opportunity for you all to see me in action. :-)

Friday, August 1, 2008

Making Memories....and Sand Castles!

My cousins Hannah and Kaitlin have come over a few times during their summer break. They teach me all kinds of fun "big kid" games. We decided to make some, fun!

Swim Time....isn't that what Summer is for?

Me and my cousins love to swim! We are all little fishies when we get together....and we always have a blast!
Jocey, you got a booger in your nose?

Who says boys can't wear pink? Check out these goggles!

I thought it was funny to stand over the water shoots and let it hit my hiney......I am a boy....give me some slack. :-) We do all kinds of random things. :-)

July 4th fun!

We had a fun-filled family 4th! We ate, swam, watched fireworks, ate some more, played some more, and slept really good when the weekend was over!

Chilling with Daddy at his work on the balcony watching the fireworks.

We attempted to do sparklers to celebrate, but the wind was so strong, so here is me doing my only sparkler.....not to worry though, we did more at Aunt Lissa's the next night. :-)

Mana is the best sparkler helper ever!

Uncle you have something to tell us? Are you a Pyro??

Baby Evan is so cute!