Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I wanna be a COWBOY!

So one of my cool friends Eva comes from a family of cowboys. They came from something called the country....something us city folk don't understand. :-) Anyhow, I decided it would be super fun to try on her daddy's hat and boots. I must say I could get used to the whole "cowboy" thing. I didn't want to take them off. It was lots of fun. I am not sure what Daddy thought about it...he's definitely a city boy. :-) Saddle Up!

Birthday Parties Galore

We had birthday parties GALORE this weekend! We celebrated my cousin Ethan's birthday my mommy's birthday. We had lots of events to go to, but had good times with our family. Good times...good times!

Mommy made Ethan some "Texas" cupcakes....and some "OU" ones for the rest of the family. Here are Papa and Ethan showing off their rivalry cupcakes.

Emma and Papa share a special bond.....both love OU!

Don't I make a cute princess.....I mean PRINCE?

I had loads of fun at Ethan's Pump It Up Birthday Party! It was a ton of fun.

Mommy's Little Chef

Mommy and I made some fall cookies last week. It was super fun. I am not sure who got more cookies....the oven or my tummy. :-) Anyhow, I had fun helping cut them all out. I am a big helper in the kitchen!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

I love me some pumpkins!

Mommy took me to the best pumpkin patch ever! They had tons and tons of pumpkins, I got to play in the bounce houses, hug some pumpkins and drive and tractor! I took a really good nap that day! Happy Fall time! I love this time of makes me so thankful for everything God created....He is so good!

State Fair Fun

So this was my 3rd time to attend the State Fair, and I had a blast. I ate more junk food in one day than I ever have. I sure did sleep good that night! Mommy mentioned something about eating fruits and veggies for the next week....doesn't sound like much fun to me. :-) Here are some pictures of our fun-filled day. I have one word of wisdom to those of you wanting to go to the have to eat a funnel cake!! I never knew something that good even existed....DELICIOUS!

Me and the cow had a good conversation....he was ready to go back home.

Every goat needs some Taylor kisses!

First junk food stop of the cream. It was delicious.


We went on vacation this summer with Aunt Kelsi, Uncle Brennan and Payton. We were in New Braunfels for a week. We had loads and loads of fun. I found out that I LOVE to fish! I didn't catch one, but I sure did have fun. We loved riding the Jet Skis and just hanging out at the cabin. Good Times.....Good Times.

Mommy, do we have to take pictures at the park again?

We did it again.....we went to the park to take my pictures. Here are the results. Will she ever put the camera down?