Sunday, January 6, 2008

Happy New Year!

We celebrated the New Year in Illinois with our cool friends the Johnson's. We got some fire works and had a blast. I was running everywhere with my sparklers. I think I could get used to this country stuff! As we were ringing in the year 2008 it just makes me think how awesome our Big Strong God is and how faithful he has been for me and my Daddy and Mommy this year. He is so just makes me love Him even more thinking of all the things he showed us and taught us this last year. How cool is that?

Happy New Year Everyone! May you have the most blessed year of your life!

Winter Vacation.....woo-hoo!!

We went on the best vacation ever this winter! A few days after Christmas me and my Mommy and Daddy loaded up and headed for the airport. We were going to Illinois for 6 days! We went to stay with the coolest, biggest family I know. My Mommy has known them since she was a little tyke....about 6 years old. They live out in the country on 20 acres in the middle of nowhere. Seriously......the closest anything was 15-20 minutes away. They have 10 kids and one more little angel on the way. Yes, I said 10 kids. that was not a typo. :-) I had so many boys to play with. It was great! They are such an amazing family and we treasured our time with them so much. We played games, ate yummy food, rode the golf cart, played some more....and ate some more yummy food. It was the ultimate relaxing vacation! We are ready to go back!
I was watching daddy shoot clay pidgeons from the front was way too loud for me.

Daddy a.k.a City Boy got a little taste of what being a country boy is all about.....hunting!

Every hunting lesson for a rookie isn't complete without a quick safety course. :-)

Storytime with the sweet Mama of the family....Wendy.

I was the sous chef for the baker of their family, Ruth. She is child number 4 in the Johnson family lineup.

I showed the country folk how to Praise Jesus the Taylor-Man way....with a bright red guitar and a bowl on your head. :-)
Want a Ride?

Preparing for our vacation....... Illinois! We are off to Illinois, but first I must get some warm gear! I got a new hat and some gloves to take with me to Illinois where it tends to be a bit colder than where I live. I tried on my new digs and I really liked them. (please excuse the undies......I just got out of my bath. :-) )

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!

I just LOVE Christmas! What is there to not love?!? We celebrate the awesome birth of Jesus our Savior.....and stand in awe of what God has done over the last year. It is such a fun time of being with family. (We had 5 Christmas functions to attend, so I've shared a few pictures from all of them.) This season just reminds me how blessed we are. I pray you and your mommy and daddy had a wonderful Christmas too and were not to busy to let God know how much you love Him. I sure do!
Opening presents at Christmas with the Kings

I took a small intermission from the present extravaganza to play with my sweet cousin Evan and to take his paci. :-)

Dance Praise Revolution was the happening thing at my Uncle Wadney and Aunt Lissa's house! We danced with my hip cousin Jocelyn until we broke up a sweat. Daddy was really good at that game. I think he liked it a lot. I think mommy should get him one. It was a blast!

Daddy turning on his smooth dance moves.

Story time with Uncle Brennan and Payton......I love my family!

Mommy and Daddy gave me my very own MPS player. I LOOOOOOOVE it! I have all the good stuff on it....Boz, Veggie Tales, Kari Jobe, and even some Gateway Worship. I wear it all the time and bring it with me to a lot of places. I can praise Jesus anywhere I go now......this is the best gift ever!

I love to sing and praise Jesus with my new keyboard and microphone!

Books, books, and more books! I love to read and I received lots of new fun books!

A train set?!? Oh wow! I love playing with this!

I was SOOOO excited when I opened my Veggie Tales PJ shirt.........

...I wanted to put it on right away and wear it the rest of the morning!

Boz is one of my very favorites right now....I finally have one I can sleep with now! :-)

After opening all those presents, I needed a snack break, sooooo.........

....I bummed some pumpkin pie from Aunt Kelsi........and some cake from Uncle Brennan. They tend to not follow the "only small amounts sugar" rule that mommy has. Isn't that what Aunts and Uncles do best?

2008 Christmas Pictures

Since I am growing up so fast, we got some new pictures of me taken. I was bored with the normal sit and smile pictures. I mean, come on.....I am 2......that is boring! So with a little convincing, I got to wear my Christmas PJ's and my new Monkey Shoes that I adore. (by the way, if you don't have a pair of Monkey house shoes, you should really get some. They are so toasty and warm!) I had so much fun with these pictures. I didn't want to leave! I just love how much JOY this time of year brings!

PIctures with Mommy.........again!

Well, Mommy takes my pictures a lot........especially this time of year. So instead of all the pictures just sitting on her computer unshared, I thought I would atleast suggest she post a few. Thankfully this will be the last "photo shoot" of the year. :-) But I won't get too excited because after the holidays, I'm sure she'll start right back up.

This is the international sign for "I'm done taking pictures Mommy. Will you please take me home?!?" Thankfully she did. :-)

Having a Blast at ICE!

This was the coolest thing ever! We went to ICE this year with my sweet friend Grace and my cousin Payton. There were ice sculptures everywhere! It was freezing cold so I got to wear a really neat body length jacket. I looked super cool in it. I loved touching all the ice sculptures and looking up in awe at all of the lights. The people that made these scultpures are so gifted. It was definitely a fun memory. I hope we can go next year. I also became famous at ICE! Me, Mommy and Daddy were stopped by a reporter and we got our picture in the Fort Worth Star Telegram. Fun, Fun!

With my friends around, we always have a good time!

Cookie Anyone?

Turkey Day Snow Fest

Well, it wasn't really a snow-fest but it was fun for it to snow on Thanksgiving Day! I had a blast with all my cousins catching snowflakes with my tongue and running around outside. There is nothing like snowflakes to chase down a bunch of turkey! Yuuuuummmmm.

Farewell to my first home........

Well, it finally happened. We sold our house in November! God was so good to lead and guide Daddy and Mommy the whole way. We are still waiting on God to tell us where to move, but until He does we get to live with Grammie! How fun is that?!? Here is one last picture of my first home.....I missed it a lot at first, but God keeps reminding me He has such an awesome new room for me soon. I can't wait!