Friday, December 12, 2008

Hunter Cole Webber.......amazing gift from above!!

My sweet angel of a cousin finally entered the world today! We have prayed many prayers and hoped for many months for his safe delivery....and the day was today! He is such an amazing miracle and such a gift. I love him! Aunt Kelsi is doing just fine and did an AWESOME job....that's what Mommy said anyways. :-) He is precious, and is doing wonderful. I am so glad to have another little man in the family!

Hunter Cole Webber
12/12/08 @12:28pm
7lbs 7oz & 20.5 inches long
100% CUTE!!

"Every good and perfect gift is from above!" James 1:17

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Parade of Lights

We went to the City of Grapevine's Parade of Lights this year. It was a big parade of over 100 floats that were lit up. It was FREEZING cold. Lucking we came prepared wtih a blanket, but we were brrrrrr rabbit all night! Memories.....

Me and My Momma
Me being a silly willy
Sitting with Momma so I could stay warm!

Christmas Time is HERE!!

Mommy has been wanting to put up Christmas stuff for a while, but Daddy insisted on waiting. So right after Thanksgiving, we got right on it and started unpacking the Christmas decor and spreading some holiday cheer in our house! I love the tree. I get to turn the lights on every morning. I am a little disappointed my mommy didn't put a star on top. She has some sort of funky decor thing, but I told her she needs a star, so maybe next year we will have one. Until then, funky red thing will do. Merry Christmas!

Real Men put on tree skirts. :-)
Waiting patiently to put the "red thingy" on top.
Putting my Veggie Ornament on.....
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Turkey Day '08

This Turkey Day, like most holidays in my family was packed full of several events. First we had Thanksgiving at KK's house on Thursday, at my house on Friday with Grammie and her family then back to KK's on Saturday. It was a fun filled weekend! We were beyond stuffed after all the festivites were over. I am thankful for my family!

Cool Cousins Hannah, Me & Kaitlin
Sweet Evan taking a snack break
World's Best Nanny (my great grandma)
World's Best Pops (my great grandpa)
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Me and Daddy

So for Mommy's Birthday Daddy and I decided to get our pictures taken for her! She loves pictures so much, so we thought it would be the perfect gift. The amazing Natasha Brown ( took them and we had so much fun. Here are a few of our favorites. :-) Mommy was so surprised and LOVED her gift. Good times. :-)

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Baby Grayson's Big Boy Party

So lots of Mommies friends gave her a shower for Baby Grayson! It was a perfect little man party and she said it was so much fun. Everyone had to make a diaper creation and Mommy and Grammie got to judge them all. What a great idea! I got to go to the party at the end and eat some cake. :-) When we got home, I got to open all of Grayson's presents and it was so fun. I can't wait to meet my baby brother. We will be best of friends! My mom will be a little outnumbered but I think she will be just fine. :-)

Ms. Erin's Diaper Creation--a fancy diaper banner.
Aunt Amber, Emma, Baby Eli, Aunt KK and Lissa with their Pizza Diaper
Another Diaper creation.....a box of diaper dynamite!
An amazing diaper entire Army Fort! It was amazing!
This was such a special cake that Ms. Kassie made for Baby Grayson. It was so perfect and tasted yummy too. The jeep was even cake! Incredible!
The was the greeter to the shower....Mr. Army creative!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Praisin Me Some Jesus..........Punky Brewster Style :-)

Well, I don't really know who Punky Brewster is.....I guess it's a crazy girl back in the olden days when Mommy was a little one. But what I do know is that I guess Mommy overheard me praisin me some Jesus really loud in my room, so she came to see what all the comotion was and she said something about my "outfit of choice" looking like Punky Brewster.....silly Mommy. I like to be creative and get all dolled up for worship....who doesn't? I know Jesus liked it. :-)

"I will praise You with my whole heart." Psalm 138:1

Yo, Yo, what up Jesus!

Wave your hands in da a-ir
I know you want some wrist bands like mine. :-)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Taylor-Man the Baker-Man

So today mommy and I made some yummy homemade bread. It's called Pan De Sal. Translation: a yummy sweet bread Uncle DJ ate a lot of when he visited the Philippines. He made us some when he got back and it was oh so yummy. Well, we decided it was a good day for a food we made some. It turned out pretty tasty. I'm a huge helper in the kitchen and love food projects, so this was a fun day!

I was trying to see just how far my piece could stretch before it tore.

I learned what kneading was today.....I like to refer to it as pounding.
After we were done, Mommy gave me my own piece of bread to play with. I decided no project was complete unless we made a little mess.....soooo, I stuck my bread to my head and thought it was hilarious. I'm a boy....what else needs to be said?? :-)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thankful Turkey....revisited

So I made my Thankful Turkey last week. It was lots of fun. Scroll down for the original photo. On Sunday night, I took my turkey to Mommy and said, "Mommy, I'm not done with my Thankful Turkey....I forgot to put you and Daddy on it!" I was very serious. I went and got Mommy a marker so she could add them to it. I mean, I forgot my parents.....silly me. :-) So Mommy started to write her and Daddy's name and so many things I am thankful for started pouring into my I started telling mommy, "I have more....will you write all of them?!?" I was very passionate about filling up my Thankful Turkey. So Mommy started writing and we had to stop because she ran out of room. :-) I just have so much to be thankful for....I wanted to put it all on there!

Mommy Interruption: Mind you, none of this was "parent inspired." This was all his doing. Out of no where he brought me this turkey to complete. I'd like to highlight the last few Taylor told me. So the last 4 went something like this: "Mommy, I want to put Zach Neese, and Tim Shepard and Thomas Miller and Kari Jobe! Yeah, I want to put all those too!!" I just love our little worshipper. These people have a little fan club even if they don't know. Can you tell he's a little guy with a big heart for worship?? He's such a special little guy. :-)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

State Fair '08

The fair is kind of a tradition for me and my family. This is my 4th time to go! We go every year and I have a blast each time. We normally just spend a few hours there and have a list of things to accomplish while there. The list goes something like this: pay too much for parking, go to the petting zoo and feed all kids of animals, get daddy a corny dog (this is the only hot dog item he gets every year, so he looks forward to it. Mommy DESPISES hot dogs, so he doesn't ever get them....poor daddy.) , we head over to the car show to test drive lots of really cool but over priced cars, get mommy a funnel cake, see Big Tex and possibly see the dog show then head on home. Its a fun time and I love it! This year we went with our coolest friends, Jake and Becky. They have never been to the fair, so we showed them the ropes. Good times! Thanks Jeremy and Cristi for the tickets! We had fun....sorry you couldn't come. Maybe next year. :-)

It was so fun feeding such a tall animal like Mr. Giraffe. :-)
The goats were my favorite....they always wanted to eat off my shovel.
Do you think I am getting slightly too big for my stroller???
I am stylin in the Hummer.
Best seat in the house....daddy's shoulders. :-)

This would be Becky, Jake and Daddy partaking in their corny dog (or as Mommy calls them, their Nasty Dogs.)
Nasty Dog, take 2
Me and the fam
Me and mommy sharing in my first funnel cake experience.....I LOVED it!!

When the parentals weren't looking, I started licking the plate.....can we say sugar high?? I didn't want some good sugar to go to waste. :-)Caught red handed with proof on my nose and chin.
Proud of my sugar lickings. :-) They were good while they lasted.