Tuesday, September 15, 2009

King Favorites

OK, so it's been a long time since I've posted. Cut a sister some slack. It's been a busy one around here! So I was getting some peanut butter out of my pantry yesterday while making lunch and thought, how would this family survive without peanut butter? It is an ultimate staple in our home! Sooooo, I thought to myself, what are the other staples we couldn't live without? Sure this post may not be the most exciting, but that's just how I roll today. Informational with a side of boring. :-) So here's to all those staples in our home that are frequently used! Of course, this isn't an exhaustive list...there are too many staples to name, but these are just a few that were fresh on the no particular order, except #1. :-)

#1:Peanut Butter- Zac and Taylor could eat Peanut Butter at every meal, on anything and never get sick of it! I like peanut butter, but I am not where close to eating as much as these boys do! At any given moment if you can't find Taylor in our house, he is probably sitting in the pantry floor with a spoon and the giant tub of peanut butter eating it by the lie. He and his daddy are peanut butter lovers. I love to bake with peanut butter too, so we have to buy a ginormous tub unless I want to go to the store every other day for peanut butter. Seriously....I buy a 6lb container. Crazy! I bought one two weeks ago, and it is half gone already! And if you are thinking.....that isn't a very healthy choice. You are right. I am aware of the hydrogenated oils in Peter Pan. I know the natural peanut butter is a healthier choice, however, my Zac has stated he is on furlough from my "healthy" peanut butter and wants the real deal for a while, so I figure since he has eaten my kind for several years now, I'll treat him and buy the "real" stuff for a little while. Anyhow, here's to peanut butter!!

#2: Agave- I love this stuff!! Love, love, love it! It isn't as sweet as honey and has such a light taste. I don't like syrup, so I use Agave on anything a normal person would use syrup on. I put it in smoothies for a little sweetener, in hot tea, on a peanut butter sandwich, pancakes, waffles, biscuits. Yummo. If you have never bought it before, try it! You will not be disappointed. It's glycemic index is lower than sugar and other sweeteners too, so I've heard it's better for diabetic's. Anyhow, that random bit of info was for free. :-)

#3: Spinach & Tomatoes- I know, this is kind of random. We use so many tomatoes and spinach. Why you ask? Well, here is the deal. They are BOTH superfoods and are uber healthy and good for your body. I typically don't buy lettuce anymore and I buy spinach in most cases. We can't tell the difference and it has SOOO many more vitamins and nutrients than lettuce. They are staples because I can create a meal out of them. Think about it....if you have chicken, you can make a grilled chicken sandwich or a panini. If you have pasta, you can make a light pasta with them tossed in it. If you have bacon, you can make a BLT. The possibilites are endless! Now we do NOT eat cooked spinach, but love it fresh....on salads, sandwiches, wraps. You get the point. It's pretty versatile.

#4: Bread! Who doesn't like bread! I don't think Zac or Taylor could live without bread in our house. They love sandwiches, bread and butter, toast, garlic bread, you name it.....they love it. I'm not a big fan of just any bread though. I prefer healthier choices for my family and because we eat so much of it I have a few "requirements" when I buy it. It has to be wheat and I look for one that has no high fructose corn syrup, enriched flour or hydrogenated anything. It's a little harder than you think. A lot of bread has high fructose corn syrup. So this is our top choice of bread....Nature's Own 100% Whole Wheat. I'm sure there is an even healthier one out there, but Zac will not eat the nutty, wheat berry, sprouted ones. Bread is made to be soft according to his taste buds, so why argue?

#5: Cheese. I LOVE cheese. Any kind (almost), any way, on anything. I love cheese. Brie, cheddar, Gouda, Swiss, provolone, string cheese....and even on a rare occasion the mother of fake cheese, Velveeta. Taylor is a cheese head too. If I let him eat cheese every time he asked for it, he would be constipated for a year! He loves it! So we typically have several kinds around here. Just don't give me American cheese. Gag.

Incase you hung out to the end of this post, thanks for stopping by. "Cheers" to a bit of King Randomness today! :-)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

In Loving Memory.....Our Pops

A month ago today was the most special party ever and we had the joy of hosting it. It was a precious time full of so many memories that we will never forget....especially now. This week my dear grandfather "Pops" went to be with the Lord. He is in a much better place now which I am so grateful for, but it still hurts. At his 80th birthday party exactly a month ago, I would have never guessed a month later he wouldn't be with us. His service was so sweet....full of memories in so many ways and very honoring to him and the Godly life he lived. When the pastor asked if I wanted to say anything or write something for him to say, I just couldn't pull all the right words together. How do you sum up such a special and treasured person in your life in one little paragraph? Not exactly an easy task. So as I was fixing to walk into the service, the Lord gave me the one thing to focus on that I treasure most in the legacy he left....his Godly character.

Our Pops was not an ordinary man. He was a man of great character and love. He taught us many things and left a legacy of Godly character that we are eternally grateful for. He loved the Lord with all his heart and it showed in everything he did. He was a servant to anyone in need and always did it with a smile. He forgave always and didn't even know how to hold a grudge. His laughter we will cherish, his hugs we will miss. He will always be our pops and no one will replace the special spot he holds in our heart. We will love him always. Our heart is sad, but we are rejoicing that he is doing what he always with Jesus.

I have more memories with my Pops that I can even write on paper right now. Most of my greatest childhood memories are with my Nanny and Pops. He was so dear to my heart and will definitely be missed in a big way. Next time you feel the Holy Spirit tugging on your heart even if it is for something seemingly small like throwing a party, listen to his voice and do it. It makes for a life of no regrets. Everyone in my family will always remember Pops party and the wonderful time we had with him. The memories that were made and the priceless pictures that were captured are so precious. I am so grateful. Our life is but a vapor...

My Nanny and her bling bling shoes....perfect.
And don't forget the sunglasses with bling.....I love her!
Pops and Grayson a short day before he went to heaven.

Nanny and all her grandkids.
Grayson and his cool man duds. I love how much joy a sweet baby brings in a time like this. I am so grateful for my boys!
A sweet little note Taylor wrote to Pops. I love his, love, love it!
The most priceless picture. This picture was taken exactly a month a go. This was the only entire family picture that we have. I will treasure it always.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Taylor + Bob & Larry = BFF

We have been counting down since the beginning of July for Bob and Larry to come to Lifeway so we could go meet them! Taylor was PUMPED to say the least. Every day he asks how many more days. He has been waiting with much anticipation. Well, the night before Taylor got a fever and I was so so so sad to tell him he couldn't go. I just didn't want to take him if he wasn't feeling good and take the chance of getting anyone else infected if he had something that was contagious. So we prayed with Taylor and asked the Lord to work it out, however that may be. I called Lifeway and they agreed for us to come up at the end right before they were done and come out to the car to meet Taylor. It was so special and so sweet for them to do that. I told them the situation and they didn't even hesitate. They were waiting outside for us and Taylor wasn't as perky as normal, but he still got to shake their hand and see his best friends! I am so grateful the Lord worked it out. I love when the Lord gives us simple ways to show our kids how much he cares for even the little things. It was a testimony to Taylor of how the Lord takes care of us and he knows even the small desires of our heart. Thank you God for giving our little man a small taste of your love for him. It blessed his socks off!

Our Little Reader and his reward

Taylor is such a sweet spirited little man that amazes us more every day. Recently, we started a new "reward" system for his reading. I got the idea from My great Mother in Law. They do it at the school she is principal at. I started keeping track of what books and how many he was reading on "Taylor's Reading List." Our goal was to encourage him to read and make reading something fun rather than just something boring we do with school. After ever 25 books he reads, he gets a treat! He heard the word treat and he was instantly motivated! The rules are none of the books can be repeats and he has to read them out loud to me. So he started reading everything he could find! It was really fun to do with him. After 24 hours, he already had the first 25 read so he could get some ice cream! Such a boy....rewards that include food are always a winner. :-) At 50 books Zac and Taylor had a sleepover in a tent they made in Taylor's room and at 75 books he got to have all of his cousins on the King side come and have a sleepover. For those of you who don't know, there are 9 cousins on that side. I knew the treat was pretty big, but after reading 75 books in less than 2 months, he deserved something BIG!! So below you will find lots of pics from our sleepover extravaganza. It was a lot of fun...the kids did great and I was exhausted, but I would do it all over again. You just can't put a price tag on memories with family. It was so worth it. I love all of those kids and we are blessed to call them family! We did miss Baby Eli and Jocelyn though....maybe next time!

Here is Taylor with his reading list.

At the park with Zac
There was no question on how to eat an Oreo with this bunch!
Hannah is the greatest helper ever. I was so blessed by her responsibility and servant heart. She was a machine! Here she is helping me make Ice Cream in a Bag. So fun! Love you Hannah!
So you make the ice cream and pour it in bags....
Then place ice cream bags in ice and salt bag.....
Then squeeze it around until it makes Ice Cream!

Then you can EAT it! It was delicious. We made chocolate, cookies n cream and vanilla.

The Whole Gang minus Grayson
Evan was such a big boy wanting to get his own chocolate syrup.
Showing off his creation....
...and eating it!
We played games before bed....Clifford Bingo and Boz Adventure!
Buds Forever
In the morning time we made donuts. They were surprisingly really good! Here are my early birds that were helping.
We made vanilla, chocolate and cinnamon & sugar for toppings
Donuts before dressed up.....
...and here they are! These kids scarfed down 25 donuts! Nothing like a good sugar high first thing in the morning!
All the boys (except Eli)

Sleepover Survivors
Yes, if you come to my house to play, you will definitely get sucked into playing some sort of "band". Inside or out, it doesn't matter! Taylor is our "Band King" and this time we had an outdoor concert. It was wonderfully loud. :-)

Water balloon time!
Water Balloon Wars 2009

Nice shot Hannah
Look at Hannah's throw....she is a PRO! Ethan's karate skills weren't enough to stop that balloon!
Run for your life Ethan...Taylor is about to get you good!
And lastly, Hannah and myself decided it would be a good idea to play a little game of chubby bunny. I think she got three in her mouth....
and Emma got one marshmallow...don't let her fingers deceive you. :-)
And yes, being the classy Aunt that I am, I decided why not join in. I was going to puke, but Hannah cheered me on. I got a total of 7. So yes, I am the chubby bunny winner of the kids. Good times.