Saturday, January 31, 2009


Christmas # 3 was with my King family. Aunt Theresa and Uncle Bill always come from Tulsa and my Cousin Kendra and Duane with their sweet Addie came from Canada to celebrate Jesus' birthday. We had fun as usual. It's not normally a very quiet time since there are 8...almost 9 cousins, but we have a blast!
Is it my turn yet?? I am really trying to be patient!
Passing out hugs to my family
I LOVE my new Hillsongs Supernatural DVD!
Sweet Evan
Cousins Dog Pile
Sweet Addie came all the way from Canada to see us. Isn't she cute?
So my Uncle Rodney plays this game with me called "Toilet Bowl." I slide down and he pretends he is flushing me. Yes I know, when the boys in our family get together we are silly. This game should probably be one of those we don't really admit too, but my Uncle Rodney is so silly and I love to play with him, so I couldn't help but share.
Silly Emma
Electric Drums!!!!! I LOVE them so much! Mommy loves them too....only because they have an OFF button! :-) Thanks Uncle Bill and Aunt Theresa!


Christmas #2 was at my Grammies House. We have a tradition every Christmas morning to go to her house after we finish our family Christmas and she makes a BIG breakfast. She has done that since my Mommy was little and we always look forward to it. One of the new traditions we have is to make a birthday cake for Jesus. Mommy made the cake and Payton and I decorated it with all kinds of sugary treats. I think we ate just as much as we put on the cake. :-)
When Mommy wasn't looking, I would just squeeze the icing in my mouth. Oh come on, you would have done the same thing! :-)

Payton caught on and enjoyed her icing squeeze too!
Our Final Product! Happy Birthday Jesus!!
Me, Payton & the DogsMe chillin' with my new hat and Word World Movies. What a life of luxury!
Grammie was a Hunter Hog this Christmas....we finally had to tell her to share!
Sweet Hunter
Cookie Cousins
Payton making Dixie look "pretty"
All Grammie's Little Bitties--Except Grayson!
Proud Big Sister
Chill time with Daddy
The Webber Fam

Later that night at Grammie's we had Christmas with Grammies family. My Nanny, Pops, Great Aunt Teresa, Cousin Rachel were there. We also had our sweet friend Lori and my Uncle Chad. It was such a fun time. There are lots of laughs with these folks! Silly Nanny. :-) I insisted on wearing my Christmas Jammie shirt all day, so check out my cool outfit. :-)

Uncle Brennan got me a new microphone, so I made everyone sing a duet with me.
Me and Payton being silly with Daddy
I liked to serenade everyone several times that evening.
Grammie Lovin......the best ever!
My Silly Nanny
Everytime I go to Nanny's house I want 2 things: Mac N Cheese and "Yellow Cookies" which are called Nilla Wafers by all the big people. Nanny got me my very own Sams Club box of Yellow Cookies! I was so excited. Mommy was too....:-)


So I am very very very blessed. We have lots of family and around Christmas time, it is like a marathon in our house. We have like 6 Christmas-es to go to every year. This year we were able to make 4 of them and boy were we exhausted when the festivites finally came to an end! We had lots of fun memories though and had a wonderful time with family. I am truly blessed!

Christmas #1 is with Mommy and Daddy at home on Christmas Morning.

One of our traditions at our house is for Daddy (and me since I am the up and coming star in our house) to sing a couple Christmas worship songs. I love to sing and play my guitar with my Daddy. This year we picked Joy to the World and O' Come let us Adore Him.

Another new veggie movie....I think by this point I have all of them!

I always want to wear Daddy's robe, so Daddy got me one just like his for Christmas. I love it!

And another Veggie movie....
My New "home shoes" as I call them
Helping Mommy pass out presents

Long Time, No Post......So Sad :-(

For those of you who have begged long enough, I finally got Mommy to sit down and update the grossly outdated blog of mine! I have had so many fun things happen, and I just can't wait to tell you all about it. So thanks to all of you who have helped me convince her it was time. Lots of Luvs, Taylor-Man