Monday, March 24, 2008

Precious Little Boy

I am continually changing. For all of you sweet sappy mommy's out there, here are some pictures of me from all of my Easters. Wow....I can't believe I used to be that little. Perhaps we'll have another little one in our family soon.......hmmmmm......I'll keep praying so anyways. :-)

My First Easter 2005

My Second Easter 2006

My Third Easter 2007

My Fourth Easter 2008

Easter #3

Easter #3 was at my Nana and Papaw's house. They are my great grand parents. We had so much fun seeing the rest of my extended family. Uncle DJ went with us too. It's always fun when he's around. My friend Eva spent Easter with us too because her mommy just had a baby. It was fun to have her come with Payton....she fit right in!

Forget the hunt.....just show me what's in these eggs!

My mommy wasn't as excited about me eating a sucker....but it sure was yummy! We brushed my teeth really good before bed!

Easter #2

Easter party #2 was at Aunt KK's house. We had brunch and an Easter Egg Hunt. Of course anytime with my cousins is fun.....super fun!

Kaitlin & Hannah

Easter #1

I am blessed with lots and lots of family and friends, so we had 3 Easter parties to go to this year! I hunted eggs many times and got more candy than I will ever know what to do with it. I think Mommy may have thrown all the candy away.....I can't seem to find it anywhere. Hmmmmm. As always I had a blast and was so happy to see all my family and friends. I've been learning about the Resurrection with Mommy and I am so grateful that Jesus died on the cross for me. What an amazing thing He did. I am truly grateful. I like to remind mommy frequently that "Jesus got 39 spankings on his back and they gave Him a big owie." I'm sure one day I'll understand more.....but for now that's what my 3 year old mind can interpret. :-) Happy Easter to you and don't hunt so many eggs that you forget what it is really all about.

Anyhow, these are some pics from my first Easter celebration at Grammie's house. We had some friends and family over for dinner and a big egg hunt. We had a blast!

Family Fun Night

Uncle DJ came in town this weekend to celebrate Easter with us. We had so much fun. His very fun friend Jeremy came over one night and we had lots of fun. We ate lots of good food, played outside forever, and laughed a lot....what more fun would a little boy like me want?

Am I cute or what?

Pay-Pay had a case of "crazy hair" that night! :-)

Best buds......most of the time. :-)

I talked Mommy into rolling down the hill with me and Payton. It was lots of fun! Since they haven't given me a brother or sister yet to play with, they get to be my playmates. Fun for me!

A party isn't complete without cupcakes....Aunt Kelsi snuck me like 50 cupcakes! I was on a sugar high for quite a while.

Jeremy is one tall dude.....we had fun with him!

My first ride on a skateboard......I didn't do too bad.

Learning from a pro

I love to worship and tell Jesus how much I love him. One of my favorite songs is "Night Song" on my Hillsong Kids CD. This means "I"


This is the most happenin' band around.....the Taylor Pay-Pay Band. I play lead guitar/singer with my bat and Payton plays backup dancer/vocalist with her clapper. You should hear us...we rock!

Coloring Eggs....Part 2

Well, Mommy and I had so much fun coloring eggs that we decided to have an impromptu egg party with a few of my friends. We had a blast. We colors eggs, decorated them with stickers, played outside and ate a yummy lunch. My friends are so fun! They make me laugh and I am so glad God gave them to me...they are such amazing gifts!

Eating some cereal with my friends....doesn't everyone need a little mid-morning snack?

Meticulous Mayce.....she was making sure she was doing it just right. Her eggs were very pretty!

Having a Blast Bryce......he has a blast wherever he goes! He is always having a good time and ALWAYS making me laugh. He is so funny....I love him!

Graceful Grace......she was a little more cautious with her eggs. They turned out super and she did such a great job!

Too Funny Taylor....I was mixing my colors, being silly with Bryce and making lots of cheesy smiles. I was having fun with my friends!

Here is a picture of our final products.....aren't they beautiful?? Happy Easter!

Coloring Eggs....Part 1

Mommy and I don't have a car right now, so we have to get really creative on fun things to do sometimes. Thank God it is Easter time! That makes for lots of fun things to do at home! I had my first experience coloring Easter Eggs and it was so fun! Mom threw an old TShirt on me and we colored away. I was very proud of my new pretty eggs!

Squeaky Clean

I was being a silly boy in the bath tub. Translation in my house......a perfect photo op! Do you think she will ever get sick of taking pictures?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


So my Daddy has been gone since Sunday. I miss him a lot. I have cried for him a few times and it is hard for me to go to bed without him giving me hugs and kisses. I really, really want him to come home fast. This is no fun. He comes home Friday....and I can hardly wait! I'll have a list of things I am ready to do with him when he gets back! Miss you Daddy! Love you bunches and bunches!

Mr. Studious

I am in a phase right now where I love to learn! I love to color, memorize, paint, do phonics, math, counting, sing songs, play puzzles, play ABC name it, I like it! I love to learn anything. Mrs. Laura made me this cool desk so now I can learn in any room in the house. I love it! It is so fun. I'm trying to get Mommy to remember to post a video of me saying all my memory verses.....maybe next week. Until then, I'll keep dropping hints. :-)