Tuesday, August 11, 2009

In Loving Memory.....Our Pops

A month ago today was the most special party ever and we had the joy of hosting it. It was a precious time full of so many memories that we will never forget....especially now. This week my dear grandfather "Pops" went to be with the Lord. He is in a much better place now which I am so grateful for, but it still hurts. At his 80th birthday party exactly a month ago, I would have never guessed a month later he wouldn't be with us. His service was so sweet....full of memories in so many ways and very honoring to him and the Godly life he lived. When the pastor asked if I wanted to say anything or write something for him to say, I just couldn't pull all the right words together. How do you sum up such a special and treasured person in your life in one little paragraph? Not exactly an easy task. So as I was fixing to walk into the service, the Lord gave me the one thing to focus on that I treasure most in the legacy he left....his Godly character.

Our Pops was not an ordinary man. He was a man of great character and love. He taught us many things and left a legacy of Godly character that we are eternally grateful for. He loved the Lord with all his heart and it showed in everything he did. He was a servant to anyone in need and always did it with a smile. He forgave always and didn't even know how to hold a grudge. His laughter we will cherish, his hugs we will miss. He will always be our pops and no one will replace the special spot he holds in our heart. We will love him always. Our heart is sad, but we are rejoicing that he is doing what he always with Jesus.

I have more memories with my Pops that I can even write on paper right now. Most of my greatest childhood memories are with my Nanny and Pops. He was so dear to my heart and will definitely be missed in a big way. Next time you feel the Holy Spirit tugging on your heart even if it is for something seemingly small like throwing a party, listen to his voice and do it. It makes for a life of no regrets. Everyone in my family will always remember Pops party and the wonderful time we had with him. The memories that were made and the priceless pictures that were captured are so precious. I am so grateful. Our life is but a vapor...

My Nanny and her bling bling shoes....perfect.
And don't forget the sunglasses with bling.....I love her!
Pops and Grayson a short day before he went to heaven.

Nanny and all her grandkids.
Grayson and his cool man duds. I love how much joy a sweet baby brings in a time like this. I am so grateful for my boys!
A sweet little note Taylor wrote to Pops. I love his, love, love it!
The most priceless picture. This picture was taken exactly a month a go. This was the only entire family picture that we have. I will treasure it always.

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Melissa Terry said...

Wow, what an amazing legacy to share with your children's children. I loved that the Lord gave you such a sweet word to share with everyone as you all celebrated.

I am so sorry for your loss but I am sure the angels are still having a party at his arrival!