Saturday, August 1, 2009

Taylor + Bob & Larry = BFF

We have been counting down since the beginning of July for Bob and Larry to come to Lifeway so we could go meet them! Taylor was PUMPED to say the least. Every day he asks how many more days. He has been waiting with much anticipation. Well, the night before Taylor got a fever and I was so so so sad to tell him he couldn't go. I just didn't want to take him if he wasn't feeling good and take the chance of getting anyone else infected if he had something that was contagious. So we prayed with Taylor and asked the Lord to work it out, however that may be. I called Lifeway and they agreed for us to come up at the end right before they were done and come out to the car to meet Taylor. It was so special and so sweet for them to do that. I told them the situation and they didn't even hesitate. They were waiting outside for us and Taylor wasn't as perky as normal, but he still got to shake their hand and see his best friends! I am so grateful the Lord worked it out. I love when the Lord gives us simple ways to show our kids how much he cares for even the little things. It was a testimony to Taylor of how the Lord takes care of us and he knows even the small desires of our heart. Thank you God for giving our little man a small taste of your love for him. It blessed his socks off!


Koen Gage Farmer said...

YAY!! Taylor got to meet Bob and Larry after all! What a sweet story!! I bet mama was so sad when you had to tell him he couldn't go!! Praise God for working things out for Taylor!

The Durham's said...

What a good mama!! Can we say "determination??" I know he will NEVER forget that:) Thanks for sharing:)